FrmKoreaWthLove – Podcast Episode 1

Podcast Ep. 1 Cover

So a while back, I got contacted by a blogger wanting some help with creating a hallyu blog. Out of that conversation, this podcast was made. Now, whether it will continue in the future depends on many things. Sit back, enjoy, be part of the conversation. If we do continue with the podcast, what other topics would you want to see? Leave a comment (◕‿◕✿) 


Westerners’ Misconceptions

1:02 Koreans love to drink

4:06 Koreans work too much! 

8:42 South Korea is not safe

Koreans’ Misconceptions

14:05 Westerners are individualistic 

21:56 Westerners can’t handle the heat! 

27:10 Western sexuality 

My EPIK Medical Check-Up

Medical Check Up in Korea - And this is the outfit I get, 대박!

Check-Up in Korea: And this is the outfit I get 대박!

Yesterday, I did my mandatory renewal medical checkup. I really like the new hospital my coworker recommended, she found the cheapest one and I got to travel to a new neighborhood and the whole experience felt like an upgrade . Look how comfy I look in those patient scrubs! (。◕‿◕。). Shop around for a hospital! The usual price for the exam is about $100! But you can find others for cheaper. Here is a list of things to expect on your visit:

  • Bring a 3 x 4 passport picture of yourself as well as your passport 
  • Weight and Height Measurements
  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Colorblind Test
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Blood pressure Test
  • Chest X-Ray

Watch the video for my full thoughts on the whole thing, as well as how interesting I found it that the nurse did not use gloves when taking my blood! v( ‘.’ )v

The Assembly Line Waiting Room

The Convenient Assembly Line of Small Medical Rooms

Make note of the lack of gloves

Make note of the lack of gloves

Privacy is over rated, I'm use to this now. Camaraderie of suffering together!

Privacy is over rated, I’m use to this now. ‘Cause it’s about the camaraderie of suffering together!

Makin’ PatBingsu at Stompy Ruffers

Stompy Ruffers Logo

Stompy Ruffers

This past Sunday, I had an awesome afternoon visiting my friends over at Stompy Ruffers. Their product? Fusion patbingsu! Patbingsu (팥빙수) is a popular shaved ice dessert with azuki beans on top. The azuki bean is commonly eaten sweetened. In particular, it is often boiled with sugar, resulting in red bean paste. Stompy Ruffers has some interesting flavors that makes one reminisce of one’s childhood, such as this scrumdiddlyumptious Peanut Butter and Jelly Bingsu: 

Stompy Ruffers - PB & J

As many of you recall, I initially had a disappointing first red bean experience in Korea when I first came here. Apparently that and chocolate look very much alike (-_-). Needless to say, I’ve moved past that incident ㅋㅋㅋ. It has only taken 3 years and now I eat it every so often (^_^).  

Head on over to Stompy Ruffers, and support a new business venture. The prices are awesome (single portions are 4,000 WON) and they also support KampKorea,  a local mentoring program for underprivileged Korean children. For every bingsu or shirt sold, they donate 1,000 WON. 


Head to Buy the Book (Above Mr. Pizza on the 4th floor). This is a weekend business so store hours are Friday, 6 to 9/ Saturday 1 to 9/ Sunday 1 to 9. 

Here is the promo vid for Stompy Ruffers that I got a chance to be a part of:

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Daegu Theatre Troupe & The YMCA Youth Project!

Daegu Theatre Troupe YMCA Youth Program

The Daegu Theatre Troupe partnered with the YMCA to bring a fun afternoon of acting and English! Our wonderful middleschoolers performed the story of  Hungbu and Nolbum, which you can read here

I only got to work with them for a day, but it was so cute trying to teach them how to flutter and act like a bird and slither like a snake. I love teaching students through theater. It is hard and challenging but it was what made me the come out of my shell when I was in middle school. 

The troupe then performed “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Check it out down at the bottom! ^_^ 

Daegu Theatre Troupe YMCA Youth Program 2 Daegu Theatre Troupe YMCA Youth Program 3